You should leave an orthodontist's office with a smile on your face!

We try our best to make you feel comfortable and have a nice experience...

İ Cem Özkurt, DDS, MMedSci, PhD


Our main branch of service is Orthodontics. We also provide service in other dental branches.

In orthodontics achieving the best result depends on several factors. Timing is a crucial ones among these factors. We aim to start the treatment not too early so that we do not to loose the motivatio . . . ...cont.

The leading reason for demanding orthodontic treatment is aesthetics. However the treatment itself may not be that aesthetic for some patients. If you would like to have orthodontic treatment and concerned . . . ...cont.

Today, more and more adults consider improving their smile. It is an eminent question for adults who are not happy with their smile, wether they can achieve this in a natural way without any invasive denta . . . ...cont.

You want you straightened your teeth and improve your smile but not wish to have visible braces on your teeth. One option is clear aligners. However, clear aligners are not suitable for a wide range of cas . . . ...cont.

  INVISALIGN CLEAR ALIGNER ORTHODONTICS   Invisalign is the latest technological advancement of orthodontics without braces.  If you are concerned about the appearance of bra . . . ...cont.

        There are two main reasons for the dark shades of vital teeth:   1.    Smoking, heavy consumption of coffee, tea and lack of proper daily c . . . ...cont.


We provide service for all age groups.


Before the course of orthodontic treatment we screen your general dental health


We are very well aware that it is stressful to visit a dental office. We try to provide a comfortable experience for all age groups


Very low dose panoramic and periapical x-ray machines are crucial to limit radiation exposure.


Every patient has different needs, psychology and biological factors. We follow an individual-patient oriented protocol.


We will follow you up as long as we think you need it. You are always welcomed later as well.


Centrally located. Easy reach to both bus and metro lines